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Although it was more a consequence than a cause of tension, it masked real fears among the Soviet leadership.

The scenarios focus on technical detail and a solid historical background, and are intended to give an accurate account of the war that never happened.

Being a Norwegian myself, this World War Three project covers the conflict mainly from a Norwegian / NATO perspective.

During the Cold War, Europe's High North was of great strategic significance and had a central position in the naval and nuclear confrontation between East and West.

In a war situation, the Soviets would seek to gain control over Norway and the Norwegian Sea in order to expand the defensive bubble around the Soviet homeland and indirectly increase the protection of their strategic submarine bastions in the Barents Sea.

This set of scenarios, created with the Harpoon3 modern naval/aerial warfare simulator, takes a look at what might have happened had the Cold War gone hot in September 1985.

Triggered by the renewed friction of the 1980s coupled with the increasing decay of the Soviet system, their economic and industrial setbacks, and the declining agricultural production, the two superblocs collide at the peak of their Cold War strength.

The Western military build-ups had placed an uneven burden on the Soviet economy, having to devote a much relatively higher segment of its economy to military expenditures to match those of the West.

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