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Cheats on dating sim academy

Did Ry mistake the drying machine for the washing machine? Okay so I really want to play this game but I can't seem to get much past the intro. I did the cheat code for no sleeping and wound up doing the route for both Ry and Quoto and now I don't know who to choose! Maybe Quoto is one of Saige's Ancestors or something,but it's just a small detail.

Update 1.0.4 - Attempt to fix "stuck chat" bug based on some comments- my guess is that not all the variables are resetting when a user completes the game and replays.

To check the version you're playing, click "Info" on the main menu and check the bottom left corner.

Though I think the total dev time on this might roughly be around a year.

I love the story it tells, and I found myself playing it for hours because I wanted to know everything.