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Critique partner dating service

Simply because someone is a writer that doesn’t mean their opinion is right, nor should it override your own—no matter how strongly they state it.

There’s nothing like reading with a critical eye to enhance your perspective of your own work.

Just as you shouldn’t change who you are to accommodate that first dater, feedback needs to be considered before you act.

(Of course, you have to know the rules before you can develop the kind of judgment needed to make that call.) Your job as a critique partner is to offer an observation, a suggestion, open a discussion; not rewrite another’s work.

I have been with my critique partners a long, long while.

You have to devise a way to step beyond the emotion and appreciate the opportunity to view your work through another set of eyes, skills and values.

If you can’t, critiquing with another writer is definitely not for you.

Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four We’ve all been there, or at least watched uncomfortably as we saw one unfold in a movie, that awkward first date.

The eternity after the doorbell is answered before one of you figures out what to do or say—or worse the rush of inane comments that bump into one another like strangers on a subway.

Each day this week (through Thursday), I’ll discuss part of the process of finding a critique partner.

Finding a great critique partner can be harder than finding a significant other.

Maybe you’ve been through a few, and you don’t want to be burned again without finding The One.