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Darkcavern chatroom

Eventually, you will drop over one last short waterfall and be deposited onto a wide rocky stream bed.

There are a number of random encounters nearby including leveled animals and Forsworn.

During "Touching the Sky", if the Dragonborn has a second follower as well as Serana (possible if the second follower was acquired while Serana was waiting before entering the Soul Cairn for the first time), it is best if this follower is dismissed before entering Darkfall Cave.

To the left of the table, on the east wall is a concealed door, which acts as a short-cut to a large chamber deeper within the cave system.

There is a lean-to and another bed roll to the north.

(It IS possible to get a pair of dead thralls through, but there are multiple places where they can easily get stuck or lost -- most notably, at the drop from the bridge -- so it may take a few attempts.) Entering leads into a natural cave with a sparsely lit passage descending to the south.

There are a couple patches of white cap fungus growing in this passage.

There is an unlocked wooden chest containing loot, including three more torches, an unowned bed roll and a small table beside the fire.