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This is only available in Pro mode though, so you won’t be able to combine the level feature with Portrait mode, although it's less essential for people shots.

One Plus continues to claim that it's fast enough to get you a full charge in the time it takes you to get a shower, but that’s not strictly true.

Unless you're taking a long and relaxing bubble bath, you’ll likely only get enough charge for a few hours – but it’s certainly better than your phone dying on you when you need it.

That’s a bit of a shame, but if you get it right the first time you won’t be disappointed with the Portrait Mode.

If you’re a camera fan, there’s also the Pro mode on the One Plus 5, where you can deep dive into the camera settings.

This allows you to play around with the focus, white balance, ISO and much more.

There’s also a useful spirit level-like feature within Pro mode, which displays a green line to make sure you’re keeping your photos straight – we found it a useful feature when shooting subjects such as architecture.

It means you can place your subject in the foreground of the image and then blur out the background, complete with attractive 'bokeh' effects.

This is especially useful when you’re taking shots of people, but you can use it on objects as well.

For those times when you really are gasping for battery life the One Plus 5 also comes with a battery-saving mode; we found that this really restricted what apps we could open, but it will prolong battery life on the phone and that’s all you need when you’re clinging onto the last dregs of power.

One Plus isn’t offering the best battery life on the market here, but it’s a similar level to most of the flagship competition, and unless you’re a power user you’ll probably get through a whole day of using the One Plus 5 and still have a little leftover before you plug in overnight.

It's worth noting that currently the One Plus 5 doesn't offer any video stabilization for 4K video recording, but company co-founder Carl Pei has confirmed that this will be brought to the handset via a software update.