Start Dating someone with sleep apnea

Dating someone with sleep apnea

“It’s not just the snoring; people do die from sleep apnea.” But while CPAP users are grateful for the treatment, dozens of posts on the popular apea Web sites reveal some also are worried about the social consequences of the cure.

Because they awake over and over, they’re never fully rested and often wind up with the chronic, life-threatening consequences of extended sleep deprivation.

Compared to the possibility of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke, looking less sexy at bedtime is a minor concern, said Barbara Ruggiero, who coordinates the southern Nevada chapter of the AWAKE support group run by the American Sleep Apnea Association.

“I couldn’t have cared less,” said Ruggiero, 49, a married mother of two from Las Vegas who started using a CPAP nearly three years ago.

Truthfully, as I lay there alone, I knew there was a problem. A piece of wire with an attachment fit under my nose. All the wires connect to a box which transmits the data to a computer at the clinic. As I walked into the doctor’s office, I could tell something was a little off.