Start Error an error occurred while updating the configuration parameter

Error an error occurred while updating the configuration parameter

As a result, half of PDO's features remain in obscurity and are almost never used by PHP developers, who, as a result, are constantly trying to reinvent the wheel which Unlike those, this tutorial is written by someone who has used PDO for many years, dug through it, and answered thousands questions on Stack Overflow (the sole gold PDO badge bearer). The abstraction, however, is two-fold: one is widely known but less significant, while another is obscure but of most importance.

Although this tutorial is based on mysql driver, the information, in general, is applicable for any driver supported. Although this feature is magnificent by itself, it doesn't make a big deal for the particular application, where only one database backend is used anyway.

And, despite some rumors, it is impossible to switch database backends by changing a single line in PDO config - due to different SQL flavors (to do so, one needs to use an averaged query language like DQL).

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These parameters were previously in the file (in BIOS-based operating systems) or in the nonvolatile RAM (NVRAM) entries (in Extensible Firmware Interface–based operating systems).

Each boot image on the Windows Deployment Services server has a corresponding BCD file that contains a Boot Loader entry.

The entry describes how to boot that particular operating system image.

The BCD file contains information such as the boot device (RAMDISK), the image name (obtained from the metadata), the detect HAL option, and the operating system type (Windows PE).

To modify the value of any DB2 Administration Server configuration parameter, use the UPDATE ADMIN CONFIGURATION command. I've seen some solutions on Windows systems on how to kick this off manually.

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