Start Gta iv dating walkthrough

Gta iv dating walkthrough

Hung Out To Dry Here you’re chasing the owner of the Laundromat, so you’ll want to pick a fairly chunky car to ram him off the road – if you hit him directly from behind you might go through the windshield.

After that’s done, sprint across the tracks and pop your target before he gets in a car.

This way both cops will leave their car to investigate, and you can steal it without getting a wanted rating.

Now all you have to do is pull over vans – but make sure you’ve got a shotgun equipped for when things inevitably go wrong. Drive to the Sex shop, then kneecap the guy Faustin tells you to.

Go to the vantage point and wait for dealers – if you stay where you’re told, there’s no chance of them hitting you. After that’s done, take Jacob to the dealers’ house and let him keep them busy while you shoot everyone.