Start Laive sex iran

Laive sex iran

Get The Times of Israel's Daily Edition by email and never miss our top stories Free Sign Up But her worries, as well as those of her aid group called Reviving Values, are not confined these days just to those sharing needles to inject heroin that comes across the border from Afghanistan’s thriving opium trade.

“Ecstasy drugs, synthetic addictive drugs and amphetamine combinations dramatically and abnormally raise sexual desire,” Gouya said. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi) Views on sex are also changing in Iran.

As a Muslim country, Iranian clerics preach against sex outside of marriage and sex isn’t often discussed among children and parents. Sex outside of marriage is illegal and some have been prosecuted for merely shaking hands with a member of the opposite sex under Iran’s strict interpretation of Islamic law, or Shariah.

However, police rarely interfere with young couples in Tehran walking hand-in-hand and whispering to each other.

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) — In a square in a poor eastern Tehran neighborhood known for its drug addicts and dealers, psychologist Atefeh Azimi draws another drop of blood from a worried passerby’s finger.

She works on a nearby bench, where a sign next to her in English and in Farsi urges the public to receive free voluntary counseling and HIV testing.

“If we look at five or six years ago, the rate of infection through sex was around 16 or 17 percent, to 20% at the most. Now it is up to 40% or even more in some provinces,” Dr.

Mohammad Mahdi Gouya, Iran’s deputy health minister, told The Associated Press.

“Many of them get rejected when they reveal (they are HIV positive) at work.