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"it is not known whether these birds made much contribution to the modern domestic fowl.

Chickens from the Harappan culture of the Indus Valley (2500–2100 BC) may have been the main source of diffusion throughout the world." "Within the Indus Valley, indications are that chickens were used for sport and not for food" (Zeuner 1963) At first cockfighting was partly a religious and partly a political institution at Athens; and was continued for improving the seeds of valor in the minds of their youth, but was afterwards perverted both there and in the other parts of Greece to a common pastime, without any political or religious intention.

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Ironically, the sharp spurs have been known to injure or even kill the bird handlers.

In the naked heel variation, the bird's natural spurs are left intact and sharpened: fighting is done without gaffs or taping, particularly in India (especially in Tamil Nadu).

In Tudor times, the Palace of Westminster had a permanent cockpit, called the Cockpit-in-Court.