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Mexicana dating

Homer Laughlin celebrates it here with the addition of a Mexicana decal and a boldly painted red stripe.

Circa 1951-1959: The 7" Fiesta plate has become known as the "salad" plate.

It is actually much harder to find than its smaller sibling, the 6" bread & butter.

Circa 1951 to 1959: The 50s vintage Fiesta gray remains one of the most sophisticated and subtle colors in the vintage line.

A subdued gray that changes with the light, don't be fooled by gray, it is a color worth collecting.

Circa 1937-1969: Brilliant blue turquoise is 2nd only to yellow for the longest running vintage Fiesta color.

Always popular, the turquoise is a fabulous color by itself or for mixing and matching. Circa 1937-1969: Sunny yellow vintage Fiesta pottery was a staple color of the line, absolutely crucial to its inception and a popular and perfect color that ran the full length of the entire Fiesta production.

Circa 1937-1969: Even though the turquoise glaze wasn't one of the original Fiesta glazes introduced in 1936, it outlasted 4 out of five of those initial glazes, remaining popular and in production until the end of the original run of the first Fiesta pottery.