Start Quantum endowment fund liquidating

Quantum endowment fund liquidating

We well remember the last real estate and oil crisis, which hit in 1989 in the wake of the nation's largest-ever financial scandal involving the savings and loan industry.

The greatest upside potential in most stocks is getting in before the IPO, and everyone knows the insiders keep those all for themselves. Quantum offers diversification by asset class, property type and location, targeting investment opportunities projected to return yields which are well above market.

This reality has a) greatly driven down the number of deals that a typical large fund has/can do, also b) technology and such companies are very susceptible to the business cycle in a different, more precarious way than real estate, and thus are inherently a greater risk, and c) such large funds can not have the detailed resolution, nimbleness, nor insights in a given market which are necessary in real estate, particularly when seeking opportunistic purchases. Any broker can sell a bond, a publicly traded stock, a mutual fund or a professionally managed fee based account, but since they're all fishing from the same public pond all bonds are priced the same, given coupon rate, maturity, and safety.

Most stockbrokers sell securities that are publicly traded and investors can buy and sell them all day long.

We bring to bear investment plans and structured operating co-partner and development relationships, to build facilities where there is a demonstrated need, to recover and maximize distressed assets, and to provide proactive and value-added asset management.

Quantum private equity funds concentrate exclusively on the Pacfc Northwest, with its rich assortment of software companies, biotech, shipping, manufacturing, and world-class universities.

Our funds are for investors who seek steady income, capital appreciation, and a better than average return.

With our private equity funds the Manager's capital gains are made only with the success of a property, since officers receive dividends only after investors receive theirs.

The funds you are investing are as close to the realty as is possible without owning and managing directly yourself.