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Self consolidating concrete spread test

This test is mostly used for evaluating the SCC’s self-compactibility as it mainly relates to its yield stress.) simulate the casting process by forcing an SCC sample to flow through obstacles under a static pressure.

As the SCC viscosity can be adjusted depending on the application, the yield stress must remain significantly lower than other types of concrete in order to achieve self-consolidation.

At this time, various mix design methods have been proposed in order to obtain the unique rheological performances of SCC and may lead to different mix designs for a given application.

ASTM Committee C09 on Concrete and Concrete Aggregates undertook this task in June 2001 in its Subcommittee C09.47 on Self-Consolidating Concrete.

Exploratory work has looked at existing SCC characterization procedures around the world.

However, the performance criterion remains the only objective means to evaluate the adequacy of an SCC mix.

Since criterion relates to measurements, test procedures need to be developed.

Therefore, numerous test methods have been developed for SCC with ease of use in mind.