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Lori’s OB/GYN husband delivered both of Siggy’s kids — in fact, that’s how they met!

(Even if this doesn’t constitute some kind of HIPAA violation, do doctors normally introduce patients to their family members?

Both Siggy and Dolores are upset that they weren’t invited to Margaret’s surprise memorial: Siggy because she feels she’s owed loyalty for bringing Margaret on the show, and Dolores because she has known Teresa’s mother since she was a teenager. ) photos of Siggy striking a variety of poses, seemingly from the same shoot.

(Personally, I find Dolores’s case slightly more persuasive.) A very valid counterpoint from Margaret: What does this have to do with either of you? In one, she is strumming an electric guitar and wearing what appears to be a Slash-inspired top hat.

“Siggy’s behavior screams control freak,” observes Danielle Staub, who is increasingly the most reasonable person on this television program.

Margaret suggests that Siggy, a proud Gemini, really does have a twin: “Soggy” Flicker, so named for all her crying. The yoga class, taught by newly certified instructor Teresa herself, is interrupted when Margaret accepts a delivery right on the beach.

), but everyone seems to find it very moving, so what do I know?

All the women write emotional notes to their lost loved ones and attach them to individual blooms, and then Teresa, who can’t swim, takes the wreath far out into the water on a paddleboard, with the assistance of an accompanying instructor.

Because, no, thank you.) But even the ride to Lori’s house is uncomfortable.

Outside the front door, Siggy pauses to preemptively scold her pals: “I really want you guys to have a good time, but just last night I felt like it went too far …

(As Coach always said, there is no “I” in “juce.”) They never bothered to respond to a group text, so the other ladies are off to do yoga on the beach without them. — they recount the events of the previous night and rehash Siggy’s meltdown.