Start Updating activex objects

Updating activex objects

Here are the steps to enable Active X controls in Internet Explorer.

This update notifies you when a Web page tries to load a Silverlight Active X control older than (but not including) Silverlight 5.1.30514.0.” To understand the concept of out-of-date Active X control blocking, lets first understand what Active X controls are.

This update notifies you when a Web page tries to load a Flash Active X control older than (but not including): You can continue to view the complete list of out-of-date Active X controls being blocked by this feature here.

Unlike out-of-date Java and Silverlight blocking, the following caveats are additionally applicable to out-of-date Flash Active X control blocking.

This poses as a major threat to your system’s security; because malware can target our system’s security flaws with these out-of-date Active X controls.

The malware can collect your information using the weak point such as out-of-date Active X controls and can install unwanted software.

Starting November 2014, Microsoft will start blocking out-of-date Active X controls and Silverlight on Internet Explorer.

The following IE versions on the said Windows operating systems will be supported, beginning January 2016: “…as part of our ongoing commitment to delivering a more secure browser, we want to help you stay up-to-date with the latest versions of popularly installed Active X controls.

The Activex controls are also known as ‘add-ons’ and these are the small applications which let the websites provide content such as games, videos and animations.