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Ivankov apparently understands Dragon's habit of looking at the direction of East Blue whenever the winds blow, as though he is homesick.

Dragon bears strong concern for common people and dedicatedly fights against the World Government's oppression towards them, as shown when he rescued the denizens of the Gray Terminal and offered them a position in the Revolutionary Army.

He later saved Sabo's life after the latter's boat was shot and burned down by a World Noble.

Because Sabo lost his memories of Luffy and Ace after this incident, Dragon was not aware that Sabo was a sworn brother to his son while Sabo was unaware of Dragon being Luffy's father.

Twenty two years before the start of the series, at Gol D.

Roger's execution, Dragon did not have his tattoo or his stubble on his face.

When Sabo refused to return to his family, Dragon allowed him to join the Revolutionary Army, and later personally trained Sabo himself.

However, due to Sabo regaining his memories during the aftermath of the Marineford War, Dragon was made aware of the relationship between Sabo and his son.

This shows that the Revolutionaries are loyal to Dragon since no one deserted him due to learning of his heritage.