Start Women tell stories as a way of validating

Women tell stories as a way of validating

I fought my way through two eating disorders that engrained themselves into my psyche as old friends, as a comfort zone. I'd been singing for a while and I realized that if I kept being unkind to my body, I would destroy my voice.

I considered myself victorious whenever I ate less than a thousand calories a day, and I was happy because boys in school started really paying attention to me.

Thinking back, it was kind of bizarre for an 8-year-old to feel that way.

I was bullied a lot for having baby fat though, so it was something that was always on my mind.

—Alana Massey I've had what I consider "regular," small-time issues with my body since puberty: I don't like my stomach, I like my legs, but I'd love to know how it feels to have a thigh gap (sigh).